Alexander Wang to buy now


alexander wang rose gold Alexander Wang to buy now

Here’s a shoe to buy now: the Alexander Wang rose gold sandal with heel cape ($495 at Shopbop).

Very few shoes have a heel cape these days. Of course, very few feet are superheroes, so capes are not needed. There may have been a day when most feet had superhero inclinations – the days of archetypes when myths and legends were made.

Those days are gone, but I would imagine this little foot cape would add some superheroics to any outfit.

Craig Lawrence from the floor


shoes 4 680x916 Craig Lawrence from the floor

I can give or take a front row seat. I’d rather do away with the ego-centric battle that comes with fashion’s fickle seat jostling. Give me a good spot on the floor near the entry or exit and I’m happiest.

Sitting on the floor by the charming show narrator at Craig Lawrence was the perfect spot for shoe snapping.

Craig worked with Patternity tights to create slip covers that went over boots or tights that were worked into the boots.

You most likely won’t wear these gold-printed sheers if you’re marching around town all day, but the effect during the presentation was of a seamless leg to spiked-hoof.

A tight that becomes a shoe is also incredibly flattering for the leg, giving you that long vertical uplift visually, without the bulk of leather about the calves.

shoes 7 680x510 Craig Lawrence from the floor

shoes 3 680x447 Craig Lawrence from the floor

shoes 1 680x510 Craig Lawrence from the floor

Red velvet cupboots


Red velvet cupcake is absolutely delectable for no logical reason. The red cake tastes like, well, just cake. The cream cheese frosting is available on delicious, moist carrot cake and has been for years. So why its popularity? And why the popularity for Rag & Bone boots, like the red velvety ones below.
 Red velvet cupboots
I have an inkling. It’s about adding a slash of colour to the otherwise plain, and perfectly, normally, tasty.

These are some of Rag & Bone’s most classic boots. The others being the lace-up combat (which I invested in a few years back).

I’d normally choose a black boot to own, and to share with you, but the splash of velvety red on the suede here makes these that much more special than your average vanilla. And that makes them the perfect boot to eat red velvet cupcakes in too.

Rag & Bone Newbury, 316 quid from Shopbop.

Raspberry tart in the Marais: miam


raspberry tart 339x254 Raspberry tart in the Marais: miam

A wee raspberry tart we bought in the Marais in Paris. I have been told that French bakers and pâtissières don’t like it when you take photos of their goods, even if you write who it’s by and where to get it. So that meant buying a lot of cake last time we were in Paris. We’re also growing our own autumn-fruiting raspberries in our front yard, although they’re only in their first season, so fruit is unlikely, I’m told.

London Fashion Week teaser


camille tour de force 339x254 London Fashion Week teaser

Here’s Camille from Tour de Force in some of her outrageously sculptural satin boots from ss10. I forced her to put them on while her mum folded her promotional posters in some clever Gibraltan origami style.

Spring/summer fashion week in London is my favourite. It’s the colour, the mentalness of London design, the entirely hopeful idea that we’ll see the sun again some time. It’s the not knowing what we’ll see, though I think there’ll be a continued reaction against the huge platforms that have challenged traditional shoe storage systems for the last 5 years.

London fashion week is coming up again from Friday 16 September until Wednesday 21st September.

Monsieur cupcake from Cakey Perry


cakey perry 2 339x224 Monsieur cupcake from Cakey Perry
Monsieur Cupcake from the Cakey Perry event brougt to us by @MissCakehead. I think this one is made by @Leshielovescake. Correct me if I’m wrong. Either way, he’s a dude.

Notting Hill Carnival cupcakes


The queues for the traditional jerk chicken at Notting Hill Carnival today were immense. I casually said “Let’s eat cake instead” and lo, on yonder front fence, a cupcake stand stood.

cupcake stand notting hill 680x510 Notting Hill Carnival cupcakes

While some of the locals in the more impressive Georgian mansions boarded up their homes and nervously waited the arrival of rioting youffs (I imagine), others made the crowds welcome.

notting hill carnival 2 680x906 Notting Hill Carnival cupcakes

The two loves selling homemade cupcakes for 1.50 out the front of their place were smiling, friendly and doing a roaring trade. It was lucky, although not entirely surprising that the carnival had an atmosphere of joy and silliness rather than rioting and hooliganism. I really didn’t believe that bastardry could kick off to the extent it did during the riots given the vast numbers of people of good will on the ground. Good triumphed over rascalage and cake triumphed over jerk.

My shoes for the day, FYI, were a free pair of River Island suede Isabel Marant-alikes. Thanks press office.

Acne wedge brogue. Woah.


acne brogue wedge 339x241 Acne wedge brogue. Woah.

Mr Silly Acne wedge, 510 quid,

A brogue is a winter 2011 essential. As too is a wedge. But a brogue/wedge hybrid? A wogue? A bredge? Who knew their even was such a thing available. Well, Acne, ever the boundary pusher in the iconic fashion shoe, have come up with the only one I’ve seen (Jeffrey Campbell will soon follow, to be sure).

This is the ideal shoe for the woman who wants to play the androgynous theme that’s everywhere for aw11, but can’t shake her feeling for a wedge. That’s me, basically. I’m never going to be able to shake this wedge feeling, and have in fact just taken receipt of some Acne wedges this morning.

It’s also an ideal choice for a woman whose fashion heroes include Mr Noisy and Mr Silly. Those illustrated, bulbous brogues are seared into my mind as one of the happiest memories of my childhood. They’re so tangible, I can almost taste how much I love those Mr Men brogue illustrations. Actually, does the name of the latter Mr tell you something about these (some might say) mental shoes?

Mr Silly 339x311 Acne wedge brogue. Woah.


The heeled moccasin


burberry mocassins shoesandcake 451x494 The heeled moccasin

Back to school special, Burberry heeled mocassins, £475, net-a-porter

Can you tell I’m a bit work-focussed at the moment? Well it’s back to work for me, or rather off to a new job next week. So I’m all about the work wardrobe and I am feeling a heeled moccasin. It’s a bit chunky, a bit seventies and should be sturdy enough to get you through the most challenging meetings. It’s part brogue, part golf shoe, part head stomper. 475 from net-a-porter.

Finsk winter wedges


finsk aw11 shoesandcake 479x494 Finsk winter wedges

Finsk ponyskin wedges, 550 from Beyond The Valley.

Hello, winter. I see you sneaking up around the corner. Oh sure, the calendar might read August, but outside (in London) it’s grey with a capital miserable.

The best thing about winter is boots, and these new ones from Finsk are cracking. The splops of gold on ponyskin (not REAL ponies, yeah?) contrasting with black and brown wood is just the slightly mental side of animal print that trend-peddlers are talking about for aw11.

I took a walk in the aw10 Finsk boots, and I can say that despite looking quite challenging, they are in fact easy to walk in, and perfectly balanced. That is what you pay for in a 550 quid shoe – engineering perfection and considered design. Well, I say in a 550 quid shoe, but not in all. In fact, Julia Lundsten’s designs feel more comfortable from some very big name designer kicks that I’ve worn in my time.

No wonder Christian Louboutin rates her so highly.