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Cupcake Week winner Jennifer Buls


cupcake week winner jennifer buls shoesandcake 494x328 Cupcake Week winner Jennifer Buls

A vegan baker won Cupcake Week’s bake-off with a light and tropical lime and coconut cupcake. Jennifer Buls, Absolute Treats, St Clears, Camarthenshire used not an egg nor a teat to beat the (possibly) meaty competition to take home the crown.

National Cupcake Week raises money for children with cancer (could there be a more worthy cause), whilst at the same time filling bellies with the cake (what more satisfying cause?).

Miss Cakehead of Cakey Perry fame caused herself quite an indigestion judging the 55 entries which included high street, established and amateur bakers.

On the National Cupcake Week website, Jennifer said “I’ve always loved cakes. I’m a vegetarian and I have an allergy to dairy. So I was determined to make a vegan cupcake that tasted just as good as any other. Absolute Treats is home-based at the moment, but we supply some outlets across the West Wales area, and we are vegan society approved.”

A victory for animal and cake lovers everywhere.

My first whoopie pies


WHOOPIE PIES SHOESANDCAKE 494x370 My first whoopie pies

Here is my first attempt at whoopie pies. The web is abuzz with whoopie pie chatter, and I’ve nommed a few at events lately, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

It turns out, they’re incredibly easy, and are basically an American drop scone. You slop an even amount on a baking sheet and in roughly 12 minutes you have a squad of whoopies.

I split my mix and made half chocolate and half banana. I filled the banana ones with raspberry buttercream icing and the chocolate ones with blackberry buttercream icing, with fruit from The Duchess’ allotment. The banana one required more flour to cope with the moisture from the banana*.

These are made with Doves Farm spelt flour, rice milk and olive oil spread. I’m not a huge fan of making buttercream icing with this spread, because it doesn’t set firmly like butter does, so the icing is sloppy. See how the raspberry one is oozing out? I’d love to make these for dairy tolerants, because I’d whip up some firm marshmallow flavoured cream for the centre that would hold its shape.

This is the recipe I used. Yes, it’s 125 grams of butter, not 25. You couldn’t oil a door with 25 grams.

*My husband tried to throw my baking banana away! He picked it up, said “this is all black, I’m throwing it” and I had to launch myself towards his hand and the bin – Matrix-style – to retrieve it’s ripe perfection.

The full rainbow cake at Cakey Perry


rainbow cake cakey perry The full rainbow cake at Cakey Perry

This is the star of the show at Cakey Perry, the pop-up high tea on today and tomorrow at Prangsta, 304 New Cross Road, New Cross.

Look at this colourful beast of a cake. It’s like a gay unicorn assaulted a baker and had a cake baby. The truth is less colourful, Leshielovescake made it with her own human hands. *gay unicorn dreams shatter and fall to the floor*.

Cakey Perry tickets may be sold out, but if you have one, you’re in for a treat with a room slammed full of cakey goodness, caramel and gingery drinks and a crooning steam punk lad playing Katy Perry covers on keyboard.

Did I nom it? You bet I did. And I top a cake pop home to prove I was there.

Enormous rose-covered wedding cake


rose cake close up Enormous rose covered wedding cake

An enormous rose-covered wedding cake from Janet Mohapi-Banks

Could there be a more glorious wedding cake? This mountainous wonder from award-winning cake-maker Janet Mohapi-Banks is covered in handmade roses graduating from deep pink at the base to light pink at the top.

rose cake Enormous rose covered wedding cake

Glorious rose cake from Janet Mohapi-Banks.

Cute wedding cake topper


cake topper shoesandcake Cute wedding cake topper

This adorable wedding cake topper is from Kat’s amazing blog, Rock n Roll Bride.

Bombe chocolat


bombe pain quotidienne 800 494x372 Bombe chocolat

There were no cupcakes, so we went for bombe chocolat at Pain Quotidienne in Brussels. Photo by Georgia, cake assistance by Alia.

Raspberry tart


IMG 2758 800x600 Raspberry tart

Framboise tart, Le Pain Quotidiene, Marais, Paris.