Pyschedelic slippers


greek woollen slippers 1 680x442 Pyschedelic slippers

I’m just back from a week of sunshine and bliss in Greece, where I found very little by way of shoes to buy, but I did find these amazing traditional Greek slippers.

I’m sure plenty of people knew about them before me, and I have seen them in the drawings of traditional Cretan costume, but I had never seen them in these brilliant fluoros.

They’re made by a co-op on Crete, and they’re just 11 quid or so. A bargain in felt and pom-pom form.

You can of course go for a typical blue and white style, but why go trad when you can go bonkers in fluoro pink, green or orange?

There’s also a fantastic grey felt version, and perhaps it’s my age, but the baby-sized ones are freaking adorable.

Order them from the source at Woollen Slippers, and they’ll ship you a pair for a reasonable fee.

greek woollen slippers 21 680x510 Pyschedelic slippers

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