Budget don’t brag in the winter sales


I have a very strict sales buying strategy. I never loose my head and buy something I wouldn’t normally buy just because it’s reduced.

My philosophy is basically that it’s not a matter of what great discounts I can nab, and brag about, it’s about how I can improve my existing wardrobe with well-priced pieces I really want.

Anna Dello Russo said that when shopping during sales, you should not buy randomly, you should choose your favourite pieces, stick to a budget and you should only buy materpieces.

I don’t know if my budget will stretch to masterpieces, but she’s a woman after my own heart when it comes to budgeting, and being selective.

Last year in the winter sales I bought the Surface To Air wedge sandals in tan, which I wore all summer and then again on winter holidays chasing the sun.

I’ll always love them, and the tan leather is gaining a nice patina as the shoes wear in.

My sales picks for the winter sales are quiet strict. They are a pair of very sensible black heels for work, a pair of fun bright Surface To Air wedge sandals in red which will be perfect this summer and an everyday pair of black boots.

I can’t afford the black Acne pistols that I’ve been hankering for for years, as they’re 390 quid. But these Surface To Air numbers are quite similar, and at 210 Euros, I can still buy my bus fare.

acne heel sales 680x451 Budget dont brag in the winter sales

Melrose patent black heels, 164 quid from Acne

p16298 1 680x629 Budget dont brag in the winter sales

Surface To Air buckle sandal in red, 155 Euros

p16614 2 680x538 Budget dont brag in the winter sales

Surface To Air Paul Boots VI 210 Euros

The full rainbow cake at Cakey Perry
The heeled moccasin
Cassette heels
The Kat Maconie beacon
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