The perfect plain sandal and the mental kaftan


kaftan 680x906 The perfect plain sandal and the mental kaftan

This madly bright Liza Bruce kaftan has reconfigured my summer. It’s wild, slightly mental and is a big hit with my Nana. Wearing it, I feel quite Bjorkish, only without the worldwide team of weird musical instrument developers and stellar career in sound and direct access to Mike Paton.

There’s only one way to go with a mad dress like this, and that’s a with a simple sandal.

These Isabel Marant Merrys, from places like net-a-porter.

The kaftan wafts like a spinnaker when you wear it, so a more extravagant shoe would only draw more attention. One spinnaker draws enough attention for me, but if you’re feeling low, I guess you could throw on a gold wedge like my fav YSL numbers.

I am all for one hot shot of colour in every outfit. I find it the most manageable and timeless way of using colour, plus, you avoid trends like colour blocking which spring up and require you to buy whole new outfits.

You can pick up a unique silk kaftan from Liza Bruce at 9 Pont Street London.

180871 in dl The perfect plain sandal and the mental kaftan

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