How my head works with YSL sandals


170739 in dl How my head works with YSL sandals

So these YSL brogue/wedge/sandals are on sale right now, down to £472 on net-a-porter. But that’s not why I have to talk about them.

This is in aid of an insight into my mind.

I was at a dinner, standing around in a perfectly adequate pair of classic red suede courts – my wedding shoes in fact – but I could not stop thinking about these sandal/brogue/wedges and how improved my conversation would be were I to be wearing them.

No one would notice them, they’d be sneaking around down low in the dark, under my long black skirts. But they’d be there. And I’d know.

They’d be lurking about being a bright shoe/sandal/work horse of an accessory, and I’d know their magnificence was powering my every nuanced word. People would tilt their heads and laugh gaily at my wit, and it would be all thanks to this shoe.

I believe the conversation was adequate – something about the invention of the modern diesel engine and the rivalry between Italian motor manufacturers etc.

But there’s every possibility it could have been improved.

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