Christmas trifle Australian-style


IMG 2041 680x510 Christmas trifle Australian style
I’m non-stop gluten and dairy-free, but that didn’t stop my family requesting a trifle for Christmas day.

Nana is no longer able to answer questions about how she used to do trifle, but I remembered her saying “sherry makes you merry”, so I sloshed on plenty.

My recipe is below:

Cake layer:
1 x cheap and nasty jam roll from the supermarket
1 x bottle sherry

Jelly layer:
1 x packet of gelatine
1 x bottle sparkling rose

Custard layer:
1 x pint cream
1 x vanilla pod, split, seeded
6 eggs

1 x punnet strawberries, cut into heart shapes

Cream layer:
1 x pint (600ml) thickened cream
2 x teaspoons sugar
1 x punnet blueberries

Cut up sponge as you like and layer in the base of the bowl. Slosh with sherry so that it all appears wet with the good liquor.

Lay some blueberries on top of the sponge.

Make 600mls of jelly following instructions on the gelatine packet, only use champers instead of water. Don’t forget to add a load of sugar. Gourmet traveller has a nice way with champagne jelly. Chill in fridge until nearly set, then layer onto sponge.

While the jelly is cooling, make your custard. Or just buy some. I like the Mary Berry traditional custard method, which I used here.

Your custard needs to cool before adding on top of the jelly layer, so while this is happening, cut your strawberries into heart shapes.

I slice three good centre sections out of each strawberry, then trim the natural dip in the top for a more rounded strawberry shape.

Place the hearts around the edge of the bowl. Pressing them well into the glass will keep them visible once you pour in the custard. Do this next. Chill again, then add a layer of whipped cream.

Top with whatever you like – nuts, blueberries, honeycomb. Then nom heartily.

Guess what? They side effect of using all those eggs for the custard is that you have leftover eggs for a pavlova, and that’s coming up next.

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