Red velvet cupboots


Red velvet cupcake is absolutely delectable for no logical reason. The red cake tastes like, well, just cake. The cream cheese frosting is available on delicious, moist carrot cake and has been for years. So why its popularity? And why the popularity for Rag & Bone boots, like the red velvety ones below.
 Red velvet cupboots
I have an inkling. It’s about adding a slash of colour to the otherwise plain, and perfectly, normally, tasty.

These are some of Rag & Bone’s most classic boots. The others being the lace-up combat (which I invested in a few years back).

I’d normally choose a black boot to own, and to share with you, but the splash of velvety red on the suede here makes these that much more special than your average vanilla. And that makes them the perfect boot to eat red velvet cupcakes in too.

Rag & Bone Newbury, 316 quid from Shopbop.

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