Dominique Lucas’ shoe accessories


shoe accessories 2 680x528 Dominique Lucas shoe accessories

Dominique Lucas brought her Masters project to London Fashion Week, and isn’t it great? She has designed a series of brass and salmon hide shoe accessories that strap on to your existing heels.

The severe point, delicate chain curtains, salmon hide texture and brass spikes manage to cancel out any immediate facial contortion I do when confronted with the phrase “shoe accessory”.

Dominique’s pieces are 100 quid wholesale, which may make them 280 retail. It’s likely if you have 100quid for a nice pair of heels and another 280 for these striking accessories that you’d spend it on a 380 pair of shoes in the first place.

Her pieces also rely on you wanting to wear an ankle strap, as that and a kind of stirrup are how the pieces are attached to the shoe. My long-standing view is that an ankle strap cuts off and unnecessarily shortens your leg. If you’re not Erin O’Connor or a giraffe, then you need every inch of leg you can get. If you’re a tall bugger, heed not my concern.

I hope Dominique can either find a way to produce her accessories at a lower price point or that she hooks up with some other young designer like Emily Lamb, to create shoes that have this kind of detail built in. Otherwise, they will only be available to a wealthy elite, and they’re not noted for being creative enough to add such a clever accessory to a shoe.

shoe accessories 680x522 Dominique Lucas shoe accessories

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