Underground are my Acne alternative


underground winklepickers shoesandcake Underground are my Acne alternative

For me, nothing quite beats the simplicity of the Acne Pistol for a short winter boot. But there’s something about the 300+ quid price tag that makes me gasp. So as always, Underground and their 79 quid ankle boot seem to be the affordable alternative.

These boots are old though, and I’m sure you’ve seen them before. The Underground site doesn’t have any way to buy their new styles which I saw at London Fashion Week last spring – September 2010.

When I rang the company to ask if they have any new styles that I can buy this year, they said they don’t take cold calls. A simple misunderstanding, I always sound like I’m selling carpets/pension funds due to, err, I don’t know. Johnnie there says hold tight, new designs should be online in September. Hurry up, Underground! I just want to spend some of my hard-earned!

I will surely share their best new styles right here on Shoes And Cake as soon as I can. Any tips on what to do with the savings I’ve made on not buying those Pistols?

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