Notting Hill Carnival cupcakes


The queues for the traditional jerk chicken at Notting Hill Carnival today were immense. I casually said “Let’s eat cake instead” and lo, on yonder front fence, a cupcake stand stood.

cupcake stand notting hill 680x510 Notting Hill Carnival cupcakes

While some of the locals in the more impressive Georgian mansions boarded up their homes and nervously waited the arrival of rioting youffs (I imagine), others made the crowds welcome.

notting hill carnival 2 680x906 Notting Hill Carnival cupcakes

The two loves selling homemade cupcakes for 1.50 out the front of their place were smiling, friendly and doing a roaring trade. It was lucky, although not entirely surprising that the carnival had an atmosphere of joy and silliness rather than rioting and hooliganism. I really didn’t believe that bastardry could kick off to the extent it did during the riots given the vast numbers of people of good will on the ground. Good triumphed over rascalage and cake triumphed over jerk.

My shoes for the day, FYI, were a free pair of River Island suede Isabel Marant-alikes. Thanks press office.

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