Cupcake Week winner Jennifer Buls


cupcake week winner jennifer buls shoesandcake 494x328 Cupcake Week winner Jennifer Buls

A vegan baker won Cupcake Week’s bake-off with a light and tropical lime and coconut cupcake. Jennifer Buls, Absolute Treats, St Clears, Camarthenshire used not an egg nor a teat to beat the (possibly) meaty competition to take home the crown.

National Cupcake Week raises money for children with cancer (could there be a more worthy cause), whilst at the same time filling bellies with the cake (what more satisfying cause?).

Miss Cakehead of Cakey Perry fame caused herself quite an indigestion judging the 55 entries which included high street, established and amateur bakers.

On the National Cupcake Week website, Jennifer said “I’ve always loved cakes. I’m a vegetarian and I have an allergy to dairy. So I was determined to make a vegan cupcake that tasted just as good as any other. Absolute Treats is home-based at the moment, but we supply some outlets across the West Wales area, and we are vegan society approved.”

A victory for animal and cake lovers everywhere.

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