Agyness Deyn for Doc Martens


agyness deyn doc martens shoesandcake 494x313 Agyness Deyn for Doc Martens

Besides Karolina Kurkova, there’s only one model that has my heart and that’s Agyness Deyn. Now she’s fronting the Doc Martens Firsts ad campaign, and I couldn’t be happier. She is the perfect fit for the series, which also links through to the Docs website where they encourage you to share your first Doc Martens experience. I like this also, because I have one. And it couldn’t be more different to these Agy images.

Cherry Docs were THE shoe at our high school, where we were uniform-free. I COVETED those shoes so badly, as I still coveted/obsess of really particular clothing (not necessarily fashion) items to this day.

My first Docs were not Docs, they were the closest thing that my mum could afford. But as soon as I could, I bought a pair of the real deal. We tied our laces very specifically, we polished them very specifically, and as it was the mid 1990s, we wore them with the grunge uniform of the time. Mine was a Ciccone Youth T-shirt, a check shirt, baggy workmen trousers or cut off denim jeans. Naturally, this was accompanied by an amulet of crystals, probably an ank earring as well.

I wore those cherry docs until I burst the air-filled sole, and then I kept on wearing them. They’re still in my mother’s cupboard, along with other cherished school memories like all my Cindy Crawford posters.

Those shoes meant so much to me, so I look forward to seeing what other people post on the site. Or you can share here. Do you rate Docs and did you have an obsession for them like I did?

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