Acne wedge brogue. Woah.


acne brogue wedge 339x241 Acne wedge brogue. Woah.

Mr Silly Acne wedge, 510 quid,

A brogue is a winter 2011 essential. As too is a wedge. But a brogue/wedge hybrid? A wogue? A bredge? Who knew their even was such a thing available. Well, Acne, ever the boundary pusher in the iconic fashion shoe, have come up with the only one I’ve seen (Jeffrey Campbell will soon follow, to be sure).

This is the ideal shoe for the woman who wants to play the androgynous theme that’s everywhere for aw11, but can’t shake her feeling for a wedge. That’s me, basically. I’m never going to be able to shake this wedge feeling, and have in fact just taken receipt of some Acne wedges this morning.

It’s also an ideal choice for a woman whose fashion heroes include Mr Noisy and Mr Silly. Those illustrated, bulbous brogues are seared into my mind as one of the happiest memories of my childhood. They’re so tangible, I can almost taste how much I love those Mr Men brogue illustrations. Actually, does the name of the latter Mr tell you something about these (some might say) mental shoes?

Mr Silly 339x311 Acne wedge brogue. Woah.


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