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Monsieur cupcake from Cakey Perry


cakey perry 2 339x224 Monsieur cupcake from Cakey Perry
Monsieur Cupcake from the Cakey Perry event brougt to us by @MissCakehead. I think this one is made by @Leshielovescake. Correct me if I’m wrong. Either way, he’s a dude.

Notting Hill Carnival cupcakes


The queues for the traditional jerk chicken at Notting Hill Carnival today were immense. I casually said “Let’s eat cake instead” and lo, on yonder front fence, a cupcake stand stood.

cupcake stand notting hill 680x510 Notting Hill Carnival cupcakes

While some of the locals in the more impressive Georgian mansions boarded up their homes and nervously waited the arrival of rioting youffs (I imagine), others made the crowds welcome.

notting hill carnival 2 680x906 Notting Hill Carnival cupcakes

The two loves selling homemade cupcakes for 1.50 out the front of their place were smiling, friendly and doing a roaring trade. It was lucky, although not entirely surprising that the carnival had an atmosphere of joy and silliness rather than rioting and hooliganism. I really didn’t believe that bastardry could kick off to the extent it did during the riots given the vast numbers of people of good will on the ground. Good triumphed over rascalage and cake triumphed over jerk.

My shoes for the day, FYI, were a free pair of River Island suede Isabel Marant-alikes. Thanks press office.

Acne wedge brogue. Woah.


acne brogue wedge 339x241 Acne wedge brogue. Woah.

Mr Silly Acne wedge, 510 quid, Acnestudios.com

A brogue is a winter 2011 essential. As too is a wedge. But a brogue/wedge hybrid? A wogue? A bredge? Who knew their even was such a thing available. Well, Acne, ever the boundary pusher in the iconic fashion shoe, have come up with the only one I’ve seen (Jeffrey Campbell will soon follow, to be sure).

This is the ideal shoe for the woman who wants to play the androgynous theme that’s everywhere for aw11, but can’t shake her feeling for a wedge. That’s me, basically. I’m never going to be able to shake this wedge feeling, and have in fact just taken receipt of some Acne wedges this morning.

It’s also an ideal choice for a woman whose fashion heroes include Mr Noisy and Mr Silly. Those illustrated, bulbous brogues are seared into my mind as one of the happiest memories of my childhood. They’re so tangible, I can almost taste how much I love those Mr Men brogue illustrations. Actually, does the name of the latter Mr tell you something about these (some might say) mental shoes?

Mr Silly 339x311 Acne wedge brogue. Woah.


The heeled moccasin


burberry mocassins shoesandcake 451x494 The heeled moccasin

Back to school special, Burberry heeled mocassins, £475, net-a-porter

Can you tell I’m a bit work-focussed at the moment? Well it’s back to work for me, or rather off to a new job next week. So I’m all about the work wardrobe and I am feeling a heeled moccasin. It’s a bit chunky, a bit seventies and should be sturdy enough to get you through the most challenging meetings. It’s part brogue, part golf shoe, part head stomper. 475 from net-a-porter.

Finsk winter wedges


finsk aw11 shoesandcake 479x494 Finsk winter wedges

Finsk ponyskin wedges, 550 from Beyond The Valley.

Hello, winter. I see you sneaking up around the corner. Oh sure, the calendar might read August, but outside (in London) it’s grey with a capital miserable.

The best thing about winter is boots, and these new ones from Finsk are cracking. The splops of gold on ponyskin (not REAL ponies, yeah?) contrasting with black and brown wood is just the slightly mental side of animal print that trend-peddlers are talking about for aw11.

I took a walk in the aw10 Finsk boots, and I can say that despite looking quite challenging, they are in fact easy to walk in, and perfectly balanced. That is what you pay for in a 550 quid shoe – engineering perfection and considered design. Well, I say in a 550 quid shoe, but not in all. In fact, Julia Lundsten’s designs feel more comfortable from some very big name designer kicks that I’ve worn in my time.

No wonder Christian Louboutin rates her so highly.

Loafer club: Dolce Vita



leopard loafers shoesandcake 494x315 Loafer club: Dolce Vita

DV loafers, 79 from ASOS.


Loafer club is the name I give to the ladies, and girls, who walk to the bus or the train with me everyday. Those in the club may well have a heel or two stashed in their handbag for inspiring fear in the office, but on the morning walk, they are a practical and comfortable bunch.

Comfortable lounge shoes are your ticket to entry, and that doesn’t mean they have to be boring and black. Animal print is most welcome, nay, encouraged. A slipper is the new evolution of the loafer, it denotes a casual nonchalance and relaxed approach to loaf life*.

Those not in the club include the white trainer wearer. There are comfortable shoes outside your joggers, you know.

To wit, DV by Dolce Vita, a label stocked on ASOS and also on their own store. 79 quid is well within my range, and I like the way these are made – stitched to a solid sole.

I learned a loafer lesson last year. Don’t buy rubber soles, they peel away, you trip over their lose front and they cost as much as leather-soled numbers like these.

Loafer club is not limited to the 40 something, though you might associate these shoes with your mum. They have an ironic touch on the young, in much the same way as drinking a pint of water at a party raises an eyebrow, when all expect it’s vodka.

*slightly overstating significance of said shoe.


dolce vita loafers shoesandcake Loafer club: Dolce Vita

DV Koko slip on flat, 69 from Dolcevita.com


Cupcake Week winner Jennifer Buls


cupcake week winner jennifer buls shoesandcake 494x328 Cupcake Week winner Jennifer Buls

A vegan baker won Cupcake Week’s bake-off with a light and tropical lime and coconut cupcake. Jennifer Buls, Absolute Treats, St Clears, Camarthenshire used not an egg nor a teat to beat the (possibly) meaty competition to take home the crown.

National Cupcake Week raises money for children with cancer (could there be a more worthy cause), whilst at the same time filling bellies with the cake (what more satisfying cause?).

Miss Cakehead of Cakey Perry fame caused herself quite an indigestion judging the 55 entries which included high street, established and amateur bakers.

On the National Cupcake Week website, Jennifer said “I’ve always loved cakes. I’m a vegetarian and I have an allergy to dairy. So I was determined to make a vegan cupcake that tasted just as good as any other. Absolute Treats is home-based at the moment, but we supply some outlets across the West Wales area, and we are vegan society approved.”

A victory for animal and cake lovers everywhere.

TheOutnet Surface to Air bargains


brogues shoesandcake TheOutnet Surface to Air bargains

These Surface to Air Richelieu brogues are just 82.25 quid on TheOutnet. Am I bitter that they don’t have my size (37, if you’re asking)? Yep. You bet. I love the creamy grey, navy blue and soft mushroom colour combination. It’s just so grown-up (something I’m always striving for). And the shot of yellow? One shot of hot colour is my signature! So it kills me that these can’t be mine. At least they can be yours though, and I am all for spreading the happiness. That be my karma yoga of the day.

Agyness Deyn for Doc Martens


agyness deyn doc martens shoesandcake 494x313 Agyness Deyn for Doc Martens

Besides Karolina Kurkova, there’s only one model that has my heart and that’s Agyness Deyn. Now she’s fronting the Doc Martens Firsts ad campaign, and I couldn’t be happier. She is the perfect fit for the series, which also links through to the Docs website where they encourage you to share your first Doc Martens experience. I like this also, because I have one. And it couldn’t be more different to these Agy images.

Cherry Docs were THE shoe at our high school, where we were uniform-free. I COVETED those shoes so badly, as I still coveted/obsess of really particular clothing (not necessarily fashion) items to this day.

My first Docs were not Docs, they were the closest thing that my mum could afford. But as soon as I could, I bought a pair of the real deal. We tied our laces very specifically, we polished them very specifically, and as it was the mid 1990s, we wore them with the grunge uniform of the time. Mine was a Ciccone Youth T-shirt, a check shirt, baggy workmen trousers or cut off denim jeans. Naturally, this was accompanied by an amulet of crystals, probably an ank earring as well.

I wore those cherry docs until I burst the air-filled sole, and then I kept on wearing them. They’re still in my mother’s cupboard, along with other cherished school memories like all my Cindy Crawford posters.

Those shoes meant so much to me, so I look forward to seeing what other people post on the site. Or you can share here. Do you rate Docs and did you have an obsession for them like I did?

My first whoopie pies


WHOOPIE PIES SHOESANDCAKE 494x370 My first whoopie pies

Here is my first attempt at whoopie pies. The web is abuzz with whoopie pie chatter, and I’ve nommed a few at events lately, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

It turns out, they’re incredibly easy, and are basically an American drop scone. You slop an even amount on a baking sheet and in roughly 12 minutes you have a squad of whoopies.

I split my mix and made half chocolate and half banana. I filled the banana ones with raspberry buttercream icing and the chocolate ones with blackberry buttercream icing, with fruit from The Duchess’ allotment. The banana one required more flour to cope with the moisture from the banana*.

These are made with Doves Farm spelt flour, rice milk and olive oil spread. I’m not a huge fan of making buttercream icing with this spread, because it doesn’t set firmly like butter does, so the icing is sloppy. See how the raspberry one is oozing out? I’d love to make these for dairy tolerants, because I’d whip up some firm marshmallow flavoured cream for the centre that would hold its shape.

This is the recipe I used. Yes, it’s 125 grams of butter, not 25. You couldn’t oil a door with 25 grams.

*My husband tried to throw my baking banana away! He picked it up, said “this is all black, I’m throwing it” and I had to launch myself towards his hand and the bin – Matrix-style – to retrieve it’s ripe perfection.