The full rainbow cake at Cakey Perry


rainbow cake cakey perry The full rainbow cake at Cakey Perry

This is the star of the show at Cakey Perry, the pop-up high tea on today and tomorrow at Prangsta, 304 New Cross Road, New Cross.

Look at this colourful beast of a cake. It’s like a gay unicorn assaulted a baker and had a cake baby. The truth is less colourful, Leshielovescake made it with her own human hands. *gay unicorn dreams shatter and fall to the floor*.

Cakey Perry tickets may be sold out, but if you have one, you’re in for a treat with a room slammed full of cakey goodness, caramel and gingery drinks and a crooning steam punk lad playing Katy Perry covers on keyboard.

Did I nom it? You bet I did. And I top a cake pop home to prove I was there.

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